Coffee traditions



We love what we do, we live what we do. .. And of that lives our MAYA Kaffee.

You will love it; you will live it ... because we do everything so you can enjoy it.

Behind every good product stands the will to make it a little better than what already exists. And of course the people who just work on it. The idea behind MAYA Kaffee is simple:
We sell a hand-modified premium coffee that brings fun for all: the farmers who grow our highland coffee, because we pay them a fair price. The environment, because our organic coffee is grown ecologically controlled. Our customers, because they can enjoy each cup with good conscience. And of course us, because we love what we do and had been able to make out of a small coffee roast house a story of success. We, that’s my team Nicole, Timo, Timo Jr. and Richard Galbavy.

Like our founder more than 20 years ago, we still roast our MAYA Kaffee in the traditional company Dethlefsen & Balk (since 1836) in order to guarantee you in the future the usual, high-class quality and freshness . Dethlefsen & Balk benefit from the many excellent and valuable contacts in the countries of origin. This means that Dethlefsen & Balk is always very close to the market events and trends can be detected in time.

We take action!

We support already the following social projects:

  • Currently: Bio-oasis on the City Festival in Buchholz
  • flood victims of Passau
  • Rietberg Monastery
  • Secondary school in Oberhaching
  • University project Berlin

Over 100 satisfied customers.
Over 1000 satisfied connoisseurs.
Achieved by only one philosophy - "quality".
At some point it has to be MAYA.