Coffee traditions




We promise you for our roasting the highest quality and guaranteed delectation.

MAYA Kaffee tastes just as good as green coffee, roasting and brewing allow. They form a trilogy and determine - viewed in isolation - largely the result in the cup. Together they create a synergy, which makes the MAYA Kaffee pleasure perfect. Even today, the coffee roasting is often misunderstood. It is not an exact science. It follows in fact chemical and physical principles, but is not a programmed process, which runs the same again and again. Coffee roasting is a passion.

After we receive your order, we will start with the "roasting". On the way to a good MAYA Kaffee the roasting and a traditional method play a vital role.

The experienced roast master from Dethlefsen & Balk has many years of feeling for the right combination of temperature and time, the love of the product and, ultimately, a lot of experience in dealing with raw and roasted coffee. The slow and gentle roasting degrades unwanted acids.

After the roast master has completed the careful roasting, the now finished roast coffee will be cooled within one to two minutes with pure, cold fresh air. We relinquish on cooling with water (the so-called spray cooling) because thereby the coffee loses his flavour during the storage too quickly.

We roast our MAYA Kaffee in a gas-fired drum roaster, at temperatures of 160-180 °C / 320 – 356°F, within 15-20 minutes, thus bringing the delicious, original specific flavours to fruition. Every single roasting process will be accompanied accurate.

Our selection of green coffee and the special roasting procedure make exactly the difference to industrially produced "canned coffee". "The roasted coffee term refers to the state of the coffee, in which the green been, the green coffee, is converted by heating between 180 and 300 °C / 365 and 572°F. A process which is distinguished by the formation of flavours and water-soluble gustatory-components in consequence of the roasting reactions”.

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At some point it has to be MAYA.