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Welcome to Maya Kaffee 1991 in Hamburg

Back in the year 1991…

and thus more than 23 years ago began the fascinating import history of the Mexican MAYA highland coffee from organic farming in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

From a first pioneer company of the organic sector, which provided the first German health food stores with 100% Mexican highland coffee from Chiapas / Sierra Madre, became over the years an established and reliable partner of various health food stores, organic food and organic shops. The choice of our founder fell on the Sierra Madre Mountains in Chiapas / Mexico (900-1400m). The special climate in this coffee-producing country ensures a mild and delicate flavor. Especially the highland coffee, which is cultivated from an altitude of 1000 m above sea level, guarantees the quality of the house (2012 awarded with the Gold Medal of the German Roaster Guild “Deutsche Röstergilde”).

The Arabica coffee in the highlands has a long growing season and is considered by experts to be an aroma safe.

Convenient for the fine coffee quality is also the volcanic soil structure on which the coffee tree is planted. The taste of the South and Central American Arabica coffee is aromatic, fine and excellent suitable for mild coffees. We are proud to carry on the successful story and tradition in the form of the new company "MAYA Kaffee 1991" and to go on the philosophy of MAYA Kaffee with deep conviction.

You will not find our products everywhere. But more often where there are products that are a little bit better than elsewhere. Dive with us into the world of the Mexican highland coffee MAYA …

MAYA Kaffee is special. MAYA Kaffee is different. MAYA Kaffee is 100% organic. MAYA Kaffee is ecological.

These don’t only prove for years our loyal customers, but also many customers who have tried our MAYA highland coffee for the first time ... because every bean speaks for itself!

Over 100 satisfied customers.
Over 1000 satisfied connoisseurs.
Achieved by only one philosophy - "quality".
At some point it has to be MAYA.